Writing a five page paper fastener

And why does it weigh 20 pounds?

Writing a five page paper fastener

It's also great because you don't have to work to make it apply to real life. How many times a day do you answer, "What time is lunch? It's super easy to spot that the clock is on an hour or half-hour and say, "Hey guys.

What time is it?

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Write it in the corner of the paper you're working on. Quick, easy, no instructional time wasted. They just stop for a second to write it and get back to work. Maybe even bust out a bag of pretzels and give a pretzel to each kid for doing it.

You may not think a pretzel is a big motivator but, in my experience, a simple pretzel is just as cool as a cupcake if everyone else around you is getting one. Or you can get super fancy and say something like: What time will that be at?

I think the very first thing you should do is have each student make their own clock. Besides the fact that it is super fun, hands-on, and will get them excited about telling time, it will also help them focus on how a clock looks and works They may have looked at a clock a thousand times but not really thought about what direction the hands move.

Something about holding the numbers in their hand and putting them in order themselves builds that conceptual understanding. Plus they'll get to feel ownership over their own clock and have one at their seats to manipulate when doing time worksheets and activities.

This is a simple cut and paste and everything is there for you on one page. First, they color their clocks and numbers, cut out and glue the numbers in the correct spot, and cut out their hour and minute hands.

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Then, you use a brass fastener to punch through the black dots on each hand and the black dot on the clock. They can do it themselves but I reeeeally recommend doing it for them so there isn't a big hole that will soon rip and ruin their clock.

For telling time, I think the best thing to do is just practice, practice, practice telling time. These little clock kids are a fun, simple center. Pick a card, write the time the kid is holding next to the right letter, done. For small groups practice, laminate a clock mat for each student at your table.

Give them a time or have them pull time strips from a baggie and draw it on their clock and also write it below. It's a super simple activity but great practice! I included hour, half hour, and written versions of each so you could make a baggie of just hour times, just half-hour, just written version three o'clockor mix them up for a challenge.

This could easily be a center as well.

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If you want to win the best teacher ever award, you could not only let them use the coveted dry erase markers but also use fun colorful dough to build their time on the mat! Have students roll their dough into a ball then rub their palms together to make "snakes" that become their hour and minute hands that they move to show the time.

I recommend a different color for each. Like I said, this is how you earn best teacher ever points during small group. You can also use the dough to play Race to Noon.


Have students play in partners, each with their own clock mat and color of dough. They both start at "midnight" with their dough hands pointing at the 12 on their mat. They take turns rolling the dice that have them go forward 1 or 2 hours, back 1 hour, all the way back to midnight, etc.

The first person to get their dough hand all the way around the clock and back to the 12 noon wins! Here's a quick center I also love. I made a full set of just telling time to the hour and a full set of telling time to the half-hour.

So you can use the hour ones while you teach only to the hour then switch them out for the half-hour clocks when you move into half-hour THEN do a mixed version for a review center later.

writing a five page paper fastener

So you get 3 centers out of the one center: If you know me, you know I like to differentiate everything. Besides getting to choose the hour set, the half-hour set, or a more challenging mix, the recording sheets are also differentiated as you can see above. For students who really struggle, maybe have them do the one with the 4 clocks at your small group table with you so they don't get overwhelmed.

You can also copy the 4 clock sheet back to back so it's technically 8 clocks that they do but they don't have to see them all staring them in the face the whole time.Dear Twitpic Community - thank you for all the wonderful photos you have taken over the years.

We have now placed Twitpic in an archived state. Teaching tips, free projects, and extensive resources for teachers, parents, and children from author, artist, and educator Susan Kapuscinski Gaylord. Feb 22,  · This is a simple cut and paste and everything is there for you on one page.

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Miss Giraffe's Class: Telling Time in First Grade