Write an if then statement in excel

In EXCEL, if you change the format from "General" or a numeric format to "Text", the previous numeric format for a cell will "stick" to numeric values. What ACCESS and Jet are doing is assuming that the "text" data actually are numeric data, and thus all your non-numeric text strings are "not matching" to a numeric data type. One of these suggestions should fix the problem:

Write an if then statement in excel

Name property, not the Worksheet.

write an if then statement in excel

CodeName property ; and the cells into which the data are written will be a Range named MyName in the new file. This range will include the field names that are exported as the first row of data, and the range will begin in cell A1.

write an if then statement in excel

TransferSpreadsheet ignores worksheet names when looking for the Range in the workbook file. It looks specifically for a defined Range of cells. However, it is in this situation where I believe many posters have run into problems with this undocumented feature.

Note that any formatting in the cells within this range is retained e. If a worksheet with the same name as what is in the Range argument already exists in the workbook file, the new worksheet that is created is named using standard EXCEL process, namely, the Range argument name followed by a 1.

Thus, if I use MyName as the Range argument and export to an existing file, I can get one of the following results: A new worksheet named MyName1 is created, the data are written onto that worksheet, and a new Range named MyName is defined for the cells that received those exported data.

A new worksheet named MyName is created, the data are written onto that worksheet, and a new Range named MyName is defined for the cells that received those exported data. And because of these strange things, this is where the feature is unusable for exporting.

How to use IF function in Excel: examples for text, numbers, dates, blank cells

I haven't defined exact "rules" to describe what happens although it appears that how far the range is moved appears to be "the original row number plus 93" columns if the Range was originally in column Abut here are my observations in this situation I won't guarantee that you won't see different behaviors: Any further attempt to export to this worksheet using the same Range argument generates an error because the "move" of the range will extend beyond the column limit of the worksheet.I have to traverse about 25 sheets in excel for doing operations.I'm doing it using vba and finding it really slow,hence wanted to know if I could use C# and if doing that would help me speed up the process.

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