Write about tumor causing viruses that attack

Using viruses to attack cancer may help stimulate the immune system CTCA, June 12, New studies are finding a surprising potential ally in the fight against cancer: In fact, since the late s, doctors have observed that some cancer patients with viral infections have gone into remission, even though the reprieve was mostly temporary. The relationship may seem counterintuitive, but today researchers believe the cause and effect may be more than happenstance.

Write about tumor causing viruses that attack

Ultra Microscopes and Cure Rays: Living out our days in the joyous sunshine, we rarely choose to glimpse full-faced into the horrid visage of disease as physicians so often do.

write about tumor causing viruses that attack

Perhaps it is pain, perhaps fear. Despite our willful ignorance, hideous armadas of pathogens march through all nations unhindered. These insidious enemies wage their continual war against the human condition, with a cruel and merciless deliberation. Pride and wealth cannot keep these legions away.

They are deadly, having no conscience or allegiance. They are the universal enemy of humankind, a relentless foe. It is a wonder that nations have not surrendered their petty personal feuds long enough to recognize the common specter.


Joining our best forces to defeat this dread army long ago would have secured major victories for all of humanity. It has therefore fallen to the sensitive and impassioned few who seek alone, armed with vision and swords of light. The independent medical crusaders enter the battle alone.

Their names are seldom seen in major journals any longer. Their private research forever dangles on gossamer threads of grants and endless bureaucratic labyrinths.

Yet, these are the ones, the men and women who make the discoveries from which cures are woven. They often live on shamefully minuscule budgets, preferring to pour out their personal funds into the work.

They are the seekers. They are always close on the brink of a possible new development. One never knows when such will come.

The important thing is that they are prepared, and wait in prepared chambers for the gracious and providential revelations upon which humanity depends.

Theirs is the excitement of the chase. Their quest is "the breakthrough". They are the ones who fill little lab rooms, closet spaces, which line university hallways.

Their intuitive vision has guided them into research alleys, which are too small for the big concerns of profiteering medical agendas. If these researchers are fortunate, they find an impassioned patron.

Perhaps the patron is a sensitive one, whose life has been touched with the sting of tragedy.

write about tumor causing viruses that attack

Perhaps a loved one was lost. Perhaps also in the heat of that pain, the recognition came that gold must be transmuted by passion and devotion before it can cure. These quiet ones who go about their work daily, so many devoted hearts, are driven on behalf of all who bear such sorrow over what has been lost.

There was once such a man.by David Gutierrez. August 14, from NaturalNews Website Physicists at Arizona State University say they have developed a method to calculate the exact frequency that it would take to shake a virus to death, according to an article published in the journal Physical Review Letters.

Researchers have discovered that when viruses are bombarded with laser pulses of the right frequency, they. Keith: Maybe I am a fool-in your eyes.

Using viruses to attack cancer may help stimulate the immune system | CTCA

But I will say this. Cancer has but one cause. If someone contracts Cancer and it is caused(?) by a virus then that is a secondary cause, not the prime cause.

Just as smoking cigarettes itself does not cause Cancer but will lead to the conditions under which Cancer can take hold and grow. The head is one of the most common sites of pain in the body.; Headache or head pain sometimes can be difficult to describe, but some common symptoms include throbbing, squeezing, constant, unrelenting, or intermittent.

The location may be in one part of the face . Breast cancer will affect 1 in 8 women during their lifetime — and it is the fourth-leading cause of cancer death in the United States.

But 8 in 8 women are being exploited by those looking to . Genelux Trials Use Vaccine Virus To Attack Tumors. By Ed Miseta, Chief Editor, the tumor debris is released within the tumor microenvironment, causing inflammation. Both inflammation and circulation of tumor antigens call immune system cells to the tumor and effectively educates the immune system about unique targets of that particular.

Cancer causing viruses can damage either the DNA or the RNA of your cells. The link between viruses and different cancers was established during the early s.

A virus can damage healthy cells by causing genetic materials in them to change.

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