Verizon case study

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Verizon case study

Staying Secure as Verizon Moves to the Cloud Verizon is one of the largest communication technology providers in the world. Every day, the company connects millions of people, companies, and communities using its award-winning network to make breakthroughs in interactive entertainment, digital media, the Internet of Things and broadband services.

To support the migration of its business applications to Amazon Web Services AWSVerizon needed a way to scale its security validation processes beyond the manual efforts of its security team. Chris Durand, director of cloud security integration services at Verizon, notes that there are several considerations that Verizon had to address for effective solution, including: Shared physical environment — With on-premises applications, Verizon case study knows what else is running within its data center.

In the cloud, developers — who are not experts in these two aspects of deployment — are the ones who provision the hardware and operating systems, providing yet another reason for a security configuration check.

Reliance on automation — In the cloud, deployment is driven by automation.

Verizon case study

To integrate with deployment processes, and to support applications that Verizon plans to migrate to AWS, the company needs to address security in an automated way as well.

DSOP builds on AWS CloudFormation by representing the necessary elements of security validation as code, thereby facilitating an automated means of ensuring compliance with security policies. Only when we integrate all of the stakeholders necessary to deliver cloud solutions into the development process can we truly achieve the goals demanded in a DevOps culture.

Security is that next frontier. Stage 1 — Static analysis of CloudFormation templates. The tool uses rules written by Stelligent to check settings related to encryption, access logging, security groups, and identity and access management.

Stage 2 — Analysis of the deployed CloudFormation stack. In the second stage of the pipeline, DSOP uses the CloudFormation template to deploy the application into a test environment created explicitly for security validation.

Stage 3 — Vulnerability scan. In the third stage of the pipeline, DSOP uses a third-party product to scan for vulnerabilities that would not have been caught in stages one and two, such as vulnerable versions of infrastructure tooling or whether any operating system patches are missing. After the vulnerability scan, the test environment is destroyed.

Each stage of the pipeline can also be run independently by development teams. Full compliance with security policies. DSOP gives Verizon a consistent means of ensuring that applications deployed to the AWS cloud meet all security configuration rules, which enables the company to catch potential security risks prior to production deployment.

DSOP is fully self-service; development teams can run it anytime to ensure that their apps are ready for production, rather than handing off an application only to find out later that configuration changes are needed.

The team can quickly and easily write new security rules and then immediately apply them to the pipeline. Because DSOP is fully automated, and because it runs on AWS itself, Verizon can scale its use across the enterprise to accommodate the many applications the company plans to migrate to the cloud.

It enables us to prevent insecure infrastructure prior to deployment instead of detecting such problems after deployment.Review and pay your bill, sign-up to pay your bill automatically, and see the latest upgrade offers and deals.

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Verizon Case Study – Amazon Web Services (AWS)

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