The use of force point of view

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The use of force point of view

When he suspects that her persistent fever might be caused by diphtheria, a particularly deadly disease that was rampant when this story was published in the s, he asks to examine her throat. If this story seems to be particularly realistic, that is because Williams knew his subject matter well.

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In addition to being an author, he was a practicing pediatrician in rural New Jersey for decades. Williams was known primarily as a poet, and he is most often associated with the Imagist movement, which was a movement to write with concise imagery and language.

His terse, objective poetic writing style is evident in this story, which was originally published in his short story collection Life along the Passaic River.

His father, a businessman, was of English descent, while his mother, an amateur painter, came from a mix of French, Dutch, Spanish, and Jewish heritage. The household that Williams grew up in was morally strict, giving him the intellectual rigor and discipline needed to study medicine.

Inhe received his M. He interned in Leipzig, Germany, from tothen moved to Bergen, New Jersey, where he ran a private medical practice for more than forty years, until Williams was interested in writing early in his life. Originally, he wrote poetry, and it is for his work in that genre that he is best known today.

Inhe paid for the publication of his first collection, called Poems. He did not draw attention as a poet, though, untilwhen the magazine Poetry Review printed a few of his poems with an introduction by the poet Ezra Pound. Through Pound, he became acquainted with the greatest poets of his generation, including Hilda Doolittle who wrote under the name "H.

His first commercial poetry collection, The Tempers, published inestablished Williams as an important voice in American poetry. In his professional life as a physician, Williams maintained a quiet, stable demeanor.

As a poet, however, he was on the cutting edge of the avant-garde. He followed the principle that Pound and others of his generation laid out, struggling to write a kind of poetry that the world had never seen before.

Most of his stories were about people and situations that he encountered in his own life. Such is the case with "The Use of Force," which was included in his collection Life along the Passaic River, and which has been frequently included in anthologies since then.

Health problems slowed Williams down in the late s, starting with the first of a series of strokes he was to suffer for the rest of his life. It was around then that he started his master work, the epic poem "Paterson," which was published in five volumes between and At the same time, he was befriended by the young writers of the time.

Just when his poetic style was starting to seem dated, the publication of The Autobiography of William Carlos Williams made him interesting to members of the Beat Generation, who sought him out for artistic advice, which he gave happily.

Until the end of his life on March 4, following a series of strokeshe was active as a writer and as a member of the American poetic community. The winner of many smaller awards throughout his lifetime that gave him status among poets, Williams was recognized in the final year of his life with the Pulitzer Prize for Poetry for Pictures from Brueghel and the American Academy of Arts and Letters gold medal for poetry from the National Institute of Arts and Letters.

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Olson, who leads him to the kitchen: There, he meets Mr. Olson and the child. He finds the little girl, Mathilda, to be extraordinarily pretty, like the young models in magazine spreads in the Sunday newspaper.

No one from the family talks to the doctor much. The father tells the doctor that his daughter has had a fever for three days. A diagnosis of diphtheria, however, relies on knowing whether the child has had a sore throat.

Mathilda views the doctor as an enemy, and refuses to talk to him. The parents say that they have asked her and she has said that her throat does not hurt, but the doctor does not believe that they have been told the truth.

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The use of force point of view

In physics, a force is any interaction that, when unopposed, will change the motion of an object. A force can cause an object with mass to change its velocity (which includes to begin moving from a state of rest), i.e., to can also be described intuitively as a push or a pull.

A force has both magnitude and direction, making it a vector quantity. Thus at Venice the College, even in the absence of the Doge, is called "Most Serene Prince." The Palatine of Posen, father of the King of Poland, Duke of Lorraine.

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