The idol i admire

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The idol i admire

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More Essay Examples on Realize Rubric Along the way he learned so much about the many things people did for survival because that was the main reason my grandpa left his family behind, for a better life.

When my grandpa was 10 years old he would wake up at 4 in the morning to travel about half an hour away from his home in an unfriendly environment to cut down wood.

His other duties also included taking care of the cows and goats which was a very tough to do because the animals would be scattered in different parts of the land. My grandpa would even have to pass through other villages to look for his animals. As my grandpa was telling me all this, I looked up to him even more for the fact that at a very young age he had to do things the hard way.

I thought about myself then and I realize I was complaining about dumb reasons; like having to wake up at 6: I learned to be appreciative that at least I had a ride to school and not like my grandpa that walked miles to get to his destination. Grandpa always told me to never disrespect anyone no matter what the races of that person or whether they were male or female.

He also mentioned that now days, all people do is to criticize people for who they are or how they dress. By telling me this he knew it would make me a better person in life.

The idol i admire

I knew my grandpa wanted me to follow his steps I admire him for guiding me in the right direction. The state of Sinaloa is recognized for their music bands and for fishing and my grandpa had the opportunity to try both things. He always had an interest to play the trumpet but never to learn how to play it until he met Roberto.

Roberto became a good friend of my grandpa and he was the one that taught him how to play his favorite instrument. At first he was hesitant about accepting his friends offer but Roberto believed in him and he acquired the courage to join Banda La Reina.

They would play in small restaurants, weddings and just about anywhere they were contracted to play. I realized my grandpa was very brave because he was risking his life.

The Lonely Idol

My grandfather made me comprehend that life is not about having everything but to appreciate the small things we have but as well enjoying the little things life handed to us. We as human beings have to realize that the more we strive to succeed in life the better our future we will be.

The idol i admire

This is the reason why I admire my grandpa so much and someday when I have my own children I will teach them the same things so they themselves will come out successful and appreciative of life.

Choose Type of service.Apr 21,  · Well, I look up to lots of people and try to learn from their interesting characters traits..

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Sakata Gintoki from the anime Gintama is someone I loop. Copy and paste the following code to link back to this work (CTRL A/CMD A will select all), or use the Tweet or Tumblr links to share the work on your Twitter or Tumblr account. Aug 14,  · Watch video · Michael Phelps matches idol Michael Jordan in special way.

Michael Phelps has long admired a certain player who’s synonymous with the No. Michael Jordan. Anonymous said: To be honest, the idol I admire the most is Yongguk.

I used to be big into B.A.P and granted I don't listen as much as I did a few years ago, but to this day I always say Yongguk is. Who Is Your Idol? Do you admire Angelina Jolie for her egalitarian views and world outreach?

Or are you more enthralled with the bravery and charisma of Martin Luther King Jr.? Take the quiz to see who your idol is!

Start Quiz. Advertisement. Katy Perry has been using her stint as a judge on American Idol to not only find new singing talent, but also to vocally admire some handsome young men.

However, not everyone is happy with her antics.

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