Teenage alcohol abuse essay

Thinking About Getting Rehab? In short, you should respond quickly. Hospital records stand testament to the number of motor vehicle and other accidents that result secondary to alcohol consumption in this age group.

Teenage alcohol abuse essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Teenagers and Alcohol Abuse: A Study on the Effects and Treatment Essay Sample Alcohol related mishaps and accidents remain the largest concern of society and in response to this more and more sectors of society have been implementing rules to curb the negative effects of teenage drinking.

There is no doubt that society has seen the negative consequences of teenage drinking. This means that the problem of underage or teenage drinking is even more prevalent than other substances. Trends in alcohol use reported in the Youth Risk Behavior Survey indicate that binge drinking five or more drinks on one occasion during the 30 days prior to the survey has shown little variation over the past several years, ranging from Drinking continues to be a problem among youth and needs Teenage alcohol abuse essay be targeted specifically.

This drinking problem has led to a number of problems such school absenteeism and failure, depression, risky behaviors especially driving under the influenceaddiction, and death. From the list, one could argue that most teenagers have been in one or more of its categories at one time in their lives.

My experience has been that intervention programs are the key to curb or prevent drinking, because they address the reasons and circumstances which lead, or may lead, the teenager to drink. While many rehabilitation programs exist, three models will be presented, because of their effectiveness: The steps in implementing MDFT are: While the concept of MDFT as an intervention for substance abuse is not necessarily very new, the approaches used to administer this intervention have been consistently developed and refined throughout the years.

First developed inthe MDFT approach began as a multi-component treatment for adolescent drug abuse and related problems. It also received the highest rating of available research-based intervention program in Brounstein,p. The ratings of the reviews are based on the effectiveness of the programs and the relapse rate among teenagers.

Under this system, the highest rating that is given is five 5. The MDFT scored a 4. Over the years, new procedures have been added to the MDFT in order to allow a better treatment for the patient. It has been found that the MDFT program can be used as an effective community-based prevention program.

Teenage alcohol abuse essay

The current trend in MDFT treatment is the development of therapy sessions, particularly in juvenile delinquency cases. The first step, in my opinion, must be recognized as the most crucial, since it is in this stage that the school counselor helps decide on what style will be employed for the intervention.

The school counselor takes the role of the parent, or vice-versa. Hopefully, all parties involved will see the positive influence that the sessions have provided. The reason for this is that linking allows the teenager to pinpoint the nodes that have created changes.

The positive aspects of linking allow for a point of reference to chart the progress that the teenager has had in relation to the problem. This has been shown by different researchers to be the most difficult part because it needs to full preparation of the teenager and the parents.

The success rate at this level is highly determined by the preparation level of parents. As shown in recent studies, parents who are unwilling to compromise with their teenagers experience a higher relapse rate in the teenager in relation to alcohol and substance abuse.

The relevance of this lies in the fact that the reinforcement that the teenager needs at this point must come from the parents. Another approach to recovery treatment refers to an intensive home and community-based rehabilitation program for teenagers with severe behavioral problems grounded on substance abuse Ogden and Hagen,p.

This means that for those teenagers who have an alcohol dependency that is more severe than others such as those who frequently indulge in binge drinking more than 5 drinks a different approach is done. The other teenagers who do not have such a severe problem are given a less intensive course.

The program therefore aims to improve certain discipline practices for the caregivers, deal with family related relations, target the interaction of teenagers with deviant peers, improve interaction with pro-social teenagers, improve school performance, and develop an indigenous support network from the community.

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Specific treatment techniques used to facilitate these gains are integrated from those therapies that have the most empirical support, including cognitive behavioral, behavioral, and the pragmatic family therapies.My teenage cousin advised me that after she passed the stage of being pressured by her peers to use drugs and alcohol, she began using it to make her feel better because she was suffering from depression.

Teenage Drug Abuse Essay - Cocaine Hotline In Honolulu [ Teenage Drug Abuse Essay ]!!! The dangers of teenage alcohol abuse are underestimated in our country due to the social acceptability of the drug alcohol. The social acceptability of alcohol itself is seen by the frequency it is categorized separately from other drugs and substances when we talk about use and abuse.

Alcohol is a drug but our nation and the media do not want. Alcohol and Teenagers essaysToday, alcohol is used for celebrations, such as parties and family reunions. But some young adults and teens abuse alcohol. Teens seem to be getting a hold of alcohol at a younger and younger age.

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More Essays: APA MLA Chicago. Alcohol. Teenage Alcohol Abuse Essay - Is there ever going to be an end of teenagers drinking before they are allowed to according to law. In today’s society teenagers walk around as if they know exactly what is good for them, as if they are invincible.

- Alcohol abuse and alcohol dependence are not only adult problems. They also affect many teens between the ages of 12 and 18, even though drinking under the age of 19 is illegal. The topic of alcohol first came up when I was in grade 8 and became even more popular in high school.

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