Remedy of illiteracy

Prehistoric literacy[ edit ] Origins of literacy[ edit ] Literacy is emerged with the development of numeracy and computational devices as early as 8, BCE.

Remedy of illiteracy

Article by Saranya NayakJune 13, An illiterate person is someone who would not be able to read this article, no matter what language it was written in. Illiteracy is rampant in underdeveloped countries throughout the world and its expansion, if it occurs, poses a significant threat to development and peace of any nation.

But why does this condition exist? The causes are many, and often they involve issues more pertinent than illiteracy itself.

It is the only path which can lead us to wisdom and liberation. But there are certain sections of people who think otherwise, who look down upon education and regard it Remedy of illiteracy contempt. They claim that it is of no use to build a scholarly mind or enlighten it through academics.

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They forget, however, that education comprises holistic development of the mind, body and soul. It does not concern academics alone.

Remedy of illiteracy

Families of poor financial standing often discourage studying in their households as they wish to engage the children in work as soon as possible to expand their collective remuneration. They do not realize that uneducated workers can never survive comfortably in a fast changing world where competition is extreme.

Depriving children of basic reading and writing skills limits their opportunities to a bare minimum and inhibits their mental capacity to contribute productively to society and to their own betterment.

All members of a society need to look up to education with respect and a will to learn. Parents must inculcate such a will in the minds of their children, for only then will the future generations be adequately equipped to take care of our world.

Geographical Factors Geographical Factors These contribute too, to the illiteracy rate. If a family lives in a remote location — like deep within the Himalayan forests or in the arid desert lands of the Thar, they are often cut-off from mainstream civilization and all convenient facilities of education.

This is true especially in the case of wandering tribes like the Warlis of the West and the numerous forest communities residing at the foothills of the Eastern Himalayas.

These tribes often follow shifting cultivation as a result of which they have no permanent dwelling place. Moreover, their culture and practices are so different from the mainstream that it is difficult to bring them in sync with modern society and provide them with similar kind of education.

There has also been great debate on whether these communities should be modernized and taught to read and write like the rest of us, as many assert that such efforts might lead to the destruction of their indigenous tribal culture and loss of identity.

Bringing them out of the hills and forests and forcing them into education is a step which might lead to great resentment on their part. Trying to educate them in their remote living areas is also very inconvenient and will raise many questions about their future prospects.

Though they contribute to the illiteracy rate, many argue that we should let them be, as they have held on to their customs and way of life for centuries, which is what defines them. Backward Thinking Backward Thinking A section of our society has been unable to move with the times, owing to generations of being ensconced by religious dogma or orthodox family practices.

They reject modern education as a threat to their beliefs and way of life. Consequently, the children of such households are also deprived of the opportunity to study in modern schools and free their minds of meaningless conventions and conservative ideologies.

Geographical Factors

Man has made religion and tradition integral aspects of his being, but they lose their purpose if we allow them to constrain our liberties and blind our minds to the virtues of new learning, innovation and discovery. Such backward thinking limits the scope of human achievement and is an unfortunate cause of illiteracy in our country.

Spreading awareness and convincing theses sections of our society to open their eyes to education is the only way to rid them of such ignorance. Individual Disabilities The Braille System for Blind Persons The most unfortunate are those whose physical or mental conditions do not allow them to educate themselves easily.This is known as intergenerational transmission of illiteracy.

The following are the most frequent causes of illiteracy in adults: Parents with little schooling;.

Remedy of illiteracy

A Resource to Combat Biblical Illiteracy We at Answers in Genesis have a passion for reaching young people—the next generation of pastors, teachers, parents, and Christian leaders—with the message of biblical authority and the gospel.

Remedy Of Illiteracy. Illiteracy in Honduras Guillermo A. Reyes Shadai School Abstract Illiteracy in Honduras is a topic of which all Hondurans Have notice since last year’s what is Illiteracy? Is the inability of knowing how to read and write mainly due to the teaching or practice enough. A.

Such backward thinking limits the scope of human achievement and is an unfortunate cause of illiteracy in our country. Spreading awareness and convincing theses sections of our society to open their eyes to education is the only way to rid them of such ignorance.

Illiteracy in America: What To Do About It.

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advocacy groups like the Council are pushing for adult vocational training to remedy the deficiencies of schools tp With nearly 40 percent of Biblical Illiteracy is a major problem in the church today.

But I believe this article, and many like it, miss the main point of why this problem exists. We can so easily say Biblical Illiteracy is a problem because of distractions that keep us from God's Word, misplaced priorities, unwarrented overconfidence and even the excuse that we are too.

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