Pros and cons of college athletes getting paid

Tweet on Twitter College sports is business, and a pretty booming one at that. Who is profiting from all the money being made from football, basketball, baseball, and many other sports teams at these colleges? College athletes, no matter how good they are, are not allowed to be paid in any way.

Pros and cons of college athletes getting paid

This also helps young adults to fulfil their dreams of becoming professionals in different fields. In return, they help bring honor and fame to their schools. Paying college athletes has been a topic among students, parents and communities recently. This has become more prominent whenever a young sportsman is seriously injured while playing or training for their sport.

Moreover, the demand to pay these young athletes have become greater, as well. However, just like all subjects, there are those who propose this proposal and there are those who oppose it. Do you agree or disagree to paying college athletes?

Player’s are still going to take “under the table” money.

List of Pros of Paying College Students 1. It can help lower tuition fees.

Pros and cons of college athletes getting paid

That way, the players will get to share their blessings with the entire college or university. It helps the young players and their families survive throughout their college life. While regular students are able to have part-time jobs to help fend for their expenses in school, college players do not get to have this kind of luxury.

This is because their schedules are filled with training, exercise, school and sports-related activities. It could prevent abuse.

In other words, not paying college athletes might be used by unscrupulous individuals as an opportunity to lure to conduct shady business.

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It will attract new talents. Universities who would be willing to pay their athletes would naturally attract more students with exceptional talents. As a result, the schools will win more tournaments and gain more prestige.

It promotes wellness about students. Money will always attract people. So, if colleges pay their athletes, more students will be interested in playing different sports.

As a result, there will be more students who will fit and healthy due to the rigorous training and recommended diet that comes with the trainings players will undergo.

It encourages the players to follow the same high standard of professionalism.

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Top players will go on to play professional sports in the future. By paying student athletes, schools are treating them like pros, encouraging them to continue the kind of dedication and perseverance when they become professionals.

It will pave the way for students to pay off their loans as soon as they finish college. This will not tie the students to debts that will take them half their lives to pay. It will aid the students to help pay for debilitating injuries. Sports is synonymous to injuries; this is a fact.Besides, college athletes are being paid in a different way.

Apart from academic scholarships and grants, they are also exposed to recruiters, sports agencies and team owners. Some of the best college athletes went on to play in major leagues, the NFL, the NBA and earn millions of dollars.

Cons of Paying College Athletes. They Are Being Paid A Different Way Many people argue that these athletes may not be paid with money, but instead they are paid with exposure. Many college athletes go on to play for major leagues like the NFL and make millions of dollars.

This is due largely to the exposure and play time that they received in college. As college athletic programs continue to generate millions of dollars in revenue for their schools, advocates for student-athletes have begun pushing for schools to pay their players, while opponents say that compensating athletes has the potential to ruin college sports.

Here are some pros and cons of paying student-athletes. The pros list the arguments for why college athletes should be paid and the cons list the arguments for why college athletes should not be paid.

Check out our student loan calculator. Pro #1: College athletes put their bodies on the line each game they play. Jun 09,  · Without even getting into whether college athletes should be paid, I just don’t see a scenario where college athletes can be paid without allowing the .

26 Significant Pros and Cons of Hydrogen Fuel Cells. particularly when it comes to the question whether college athletes should be paid for their performance. To gain a good insight about this subject, let us take a look at the pros and cons of paying college athletes.

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