Panaria ceramica aisthesis lavica

Baujahr At first sight, the most striking feature of this residence immersed in the greenery is its clean lines and rigorous design, characteristics that give it a strong personality while at the same time enabling it to integrate harmoniously into the surrounding countryside.

Panaria ceramica aisthesis lavica

Five shades are the background to finely interweaving veining. The beauty of feeling at home Since Planaria has been producing interior and exterior flooring and cladding in high quality traditional, laminated, and monoporosa porcelain stoneware capable of fully satisfying the modern-day demands of the home.

Everything started here, in this land. From the very start, our ideas were clear: With products of quality, close to the most contemporary styles, to be used in any environment. Everyone should feel at home with Panaria.

Making ceramics is part of our culture Our story began in and it is full of important milestones.

Residential home

Today Panaria is a reliable brand that combines quality and capacity to interpret the needs of its customers, to build with them long lasting relationships. The home we dream of is a realistic goal. More than a physical place, the home we dream about is a space for our soul, a place in which to live the most intimate and genuine dimension of our life.

Panaria ceramica aisthesis lavica

We all want a home that represents and resembles us, reflecting who we are and what we want to be.Aisthesis is the first collection that Panaria has used on ZERO.3 glazed stoneware tiles.

A very elegant product, appreciated in all markets, ideal in both residential and the most modern of architectural applications to create dream environments.


Panaria Group. Liên Hệ ZERO 3 Aisthesis Sabbia Size: 50x50,50x,x,x cm Xuất xứ: Italy. ZERO 3 Aisthesis Lavica Size: 50x50,50x,x,x cm Xuất xứ: Italy.

ZERO 3 Aisthesis Cacao Size: 50x50,50x,x,x cm Xuất xứ: Italy. ZERO 3 Aisthesis Bianco. Veškeré informace o zboží, cenách a logistice Vám poskytne: INFOLINKA tel.: Fax: Email: [email protected] Velkoobchod a slevy pro větší odběry. In the Alto Garda area, we discover a magic spot in Varignano di Arco watched over by a one-thousand-year-old olive tree.

MATERALIA. Materials per a la construcció. - Emccat Grup. Verges. PANARIA CERAMICA – Via Panaria Bassa, 22/a – Finale Emilia (MO) Italy – email [email protected] - Aisthesis Bianco Naturale, Paglierino Naturale, Sabbia Naturale, Lavica Naturale, Cacao Naturale R9 >0,40 Aisthesis .

Panaria Aisthesis – Zanier Ceramiche