My summer challenge

This week, we will build on that momentum by tackling our to-do lists. The dreams you have in your heart and the goals you set for yourself get put on the backburner to make room for those seemingly urgent tasks that pop up out of the blue.

My summer challenge

My project My summer challenge the photo albums. Now, I said photo albums, not scrapbooks. I am not trying to make it fancier with colored paper, ticket stubs, large headings and cute sayings.

I just want to put pictures in an album and write some vague information like who is in the picture and when and where it took place.

I also want them in close chronological order — the same year in one photo album.

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My problem started in when my oldest child was in Kindergarten. My husband bought me a digital camera. Always thoughtful, he knew my love of taking pictures and the frustration I had while trying to take pictures of kids with a film camera.

When my middle daughter was born, I had to take 2 rolls of My summer challenge to get one good picture of the girls together. A digital camera seemed like the answer to my prayers. I took hundreds of pictures with my new camera.

I downloaded them all to my computer and then backed them up on CD.

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I was organized at first, naming each folder to the matching event. As time went on, I put the sub folders in a larger folder named with the year. I have since gotten 2 more digital cameras. I have now taken thousands of pictures in the past seven years.

Somewhere during that time, my husband bought me a photo printer. He researched and told me we could save so much money with this photo printer and it would be so easy to print them myself instead of going to Walgreens.

So I printed a couple and they looked nice.

My summer challenge

I was going to print all my digital pictures on this printer. I never finished that project either. Then I ran out of ink. I priced the new ink and then shelved my photo printer.

I have started my photo albums a couple of times since I have completed both and those were the years I started the projects.

Now the project is out of control. I still back up my pictures, but there are no sub folders. They are dumped in a large folder named with the year only. I have taken so many pictures that one year does not fit on a CD anymore.

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Honestly, I hope I backed them all up. In the past seven years I have also had three computers. I have printed out many, many pictures at Walgreens, but because of the huge cost of seven years of pictures, I only print out or so at a time.

And then weeks go by and I print more. I have probably printed duplicates. And more weeks go by. On top of my own pictures, my mother has added to the pile. Some of them are more current and are pictures of my kids.

Most of them are from when I was a kid and when my parents were kids. These pictures are in large envelopes stuffed in the same cabinets. I am usually a very organized person. It is disturbing to me that I have let this get so out of hand.

By admitting this to you, I hope this will force me to get this photo albums up to date once and for all! I am challenging myself to get this project done by the end of the summer.Summer Ready Challenge Journey Series.

My summer challenge

Starting one day late but hope to keep up with the one month challenge:) still struggling with keeping knee at the ankle line but hope to become more comfortable and flexible soon. Will be using this for my training to prep for Avon 39 in the fall. Andrew Short - - Quick session but awesome.

I’m someone who loves a challenge. Tell me I can’t do something and I’ll immediately try to do it. What can I say, I’m competitive?

Although I’m a bit of a princess in that I’m not a huge fan of camping and I don’t like mud, one of my favourite races is the 24 hour Spitfire Scramble held in Hornchurch, East London every summer. My goal with starting this challenge is to help inspire more kids to read and bring light to the detrimental effects of summer learning loss.

The decline in reading proficiency over the summer months can have a profoundly negative effect on a student's success down the line, especially affecting lower-income students.

I signed up for the Summer Series very excited to get back into a yoga routine. A few days before it started I pulled something in my back and was very frustrated that I wouldn't be able to continue the intended challenge.

I have written about this before, but for week two of the Simplify Your Summer Challenge, we are going to take an in-depth look at time-blocking and learn how to implement this powerhouse productivity technique to make the most of our time and map out our days . Summer is a time for catching up with friends at home and working to make enough money to have as much fun next semester as we did this past semester.

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