How to write a good book review

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How to write a good book review

Steps for Writing a Good Book Review Introduce the subject, scope, and type of book Identify the book by author, title, and sometimes publishing information. Specify the type of book for example, fiction, nonfiction, biography, autobiography.

Help your readers to review with perspective. Mention the book's theme. Sometimes you will need to include background to enable reader s to place the book into a specific context.

For example, you might want to describe the general problem the book addresses or earlier work the author or others have done. Briefly summarize the content For a nonfiction book, provide an overview, including paraphrases and quotations, of the book's thesis and primary supporting points.

For a work of fiction, briefly review the story line for readers, being careful not to give away anything that would lessen the suspense for readers. Provide your reactions to the book Describe the book: Is it interesting, memorable, entertaining, instructive?

Respond to the author's opinions: What do you agree with? What do you disagree with? Explore issues the book raises: What possibilities does the book suggest? What matters does the book leave out? Relate your argument to other books or authors: Support your argument for or against the author's opinions by bringing in other authors you agree with.

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Relate the book to larger issues: How did the book affect you? How have your opinions about the topic changed? How is the book related to your own course or personal agenda.

Conclude by summarizing your ideas Close with a direct comment on the book, and tie together issues raised in the review.

Briefly restate your main points and your thesis statement if your teacher requires it. If you like, you can offer advice for potential readers. If you're still having trouble getting started writing your review, try working through some prewriting questions for writing reviews of books, movies, or plays.

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how to write a good book review

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The review conveys an opinion, supporting it with evidence from the book.

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Do you know how to write a book review? I didn't. And even though I knew I didn't, that didn't stop me from firmly inserting my foot in my mouth by agreeing to conduct a book. Jeremy Chin is a Malaysian-born author who quit his job as a high-flying advertising Creative Director to write his first novel, Fuel.

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