Essays for class 11 ischium

Identification of Skeletal Remains Kit 2 Protractor Metric ruler Calipers large and small Skeletal remains- skull, pelvis, humerus and femur or tibia Laminated instruction cards and photographs one set per station plus extra copies of the nasal index photographs Calculator Project 1. Visit the website Visible Proofs: Take notes on the bone landmarks you used in your analysis in your laboratory journal.

Essays for class 11 ischium

Top 5 Essays Wildlife Geography Article shared by: The animal kingdom includes more than ten lakh animal species. They are different in shape, size behaviour, life-cycle etc. Some are unicellular and microscopic; while others are multicellular and huge.

Some are devoid of skeleton boneswhile others possess skeleton. In such cases, it is very difficult to study them. To remove such difficulties, the scientists have laboured hard and classified them on the basis of similarities and dissimilarities. First of all, they divided them into two major Groups viz.

Afterwards, Groups divided into different Phyla Singular, Phylum and subsequently, further, divided into Order, Family and lastly into Genus and Species.


These all classifications have been done according to the evolutionary trends for better apprehension. Each species has been named by a definite scientific-name zoological name to be recognized worldwide.

essays for class 11 ischium

From wildlife management point of view, the vertebrate group is important which has been divided into mainly five Classes such as Pisces fishesAmphibia, Reptilia, Aves birds and Mammalia. Out of these, mammals are the most important in the context of wildlife.

Fishes are cold-blooded craniate, primarily adopted for aquatic life; with paired fins supported by dermal fin rays, and with gills born on true gill-arches. Instead, paired pectoral and pelvic fins are usually present together with median and anal fins.

They are supported by bony dermal fin-rays. They regulate the swimming.


In bony fishes, there are many caecal appendages connected with the alimentary canal. In many the gut ends in cloaca, where-as in others distinct anus lies in front of the genital and urinary apertures.

Only internal ear is present having three semi-circular canals. It pumps the venous blood to the gills for aeration. Renal and hepatic systems are present. They open outside by gill-slits which may be covered by an operculum Teleostomi.

The gill-slits are never more than seven pairs. Usually only five pairs are found. Gonads possess true ducts.

There are a large number of fish species about 20, and here some important orders are mentioned: It includes ail sharks and dog-fishes. They are marine and carnivorous. They are without exoskeleton of scales. They live in the mud of ponds, water-reservoirs, pools etc.

Clarias, Heteropneustes, Wallago, Freshwater Shark etc. It is the largest Order of fish. Its origin is supposed in our country. The specialty of these fishes is that the teeth are found in their neck instead of mouth. Labeo, Catla, Barbus, Cirrhina etc. They are amphibious tetrapods with moist, soft skin and without external scales.

Even when they live far away from water, they come to the water to deposit their eggs. They were the first vertebrate who could lead a terrestrial existence.

In the temperate-zones, they hibernate during winters. The pectoral and pelvic girdles are very strong. There are ten pairs of cranial nerves.

They later disappear in the adult except in some lower amphibians where they are retained throughout the life.Examples – maize and sugarcance. Transpiration is the loss of surplus water in the form of water vapours from the aerial surface of plants.

essays for class 11 ischium

bone. Pelvic girdle consists of two coxal bones. Each coxal bone is formed by the fusion of three bones – ilium, ischium and pubis. Documents Similar To class 11 biology solved sample paper. Taut Hamstring MM (usually opposite side) Short Leg–Functional (same side) -Lateral margins of sacrum and coccyx to Spine of Ischium.

Ligaments of Pubic Symphysis. Superior pubic ligament Arcuate pubic ligament Interpubic disc Promoted Logan Basic Technique and encouraged H.B. Logan to found Logan College.

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