I use a holistic, person-centered approach, employing treatment strategies that begin with the concerns a client brings to therapy as well as what they hope therapy will accomplish. I believe that building rapport and trust between client and therapist are essential in order to form a sound therapeutic relationship which sets the stage for healing. I help heal relationships after an affair and I help individuals heal after divorce. I work with couples struggling with their relationship and also do pre-marital counseling.



Many people believe that once the addictive substance is out of the body and the initial, physical withdrawal has passed, life gets substantially easier. The storm is over and the former addict is free to get on with a healthier more productive life.

In actuality, aftercare and sober living are a necessary part of ongoing recovery. There are actually two phases of withdrawal.

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The first is purely physical. The body goes through a kind of shock at the disappearance of a chemical it has come to depend on.


It takes time to get through this phase and support is often needed. The second phase of withdrawal is different. Aftercare at Ayre Counseling Dr.

Ayre and his staff provide integrated psychiatric and substance care under one roof.

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Care is provided from the first step in addiction treatment and detox to the end of the need for aftercare. Treatment and aftercare are tailored to individual needs and designed to address the underlying issues that led to addiction.

Our program aims to do much more than get you off substances. It is our goal to help you on your way to lifelong wellness and happiness.

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To learn more, call to schedule an appointment or fill out our contact form and click send.Petrie Counseling provides Belleview, FL, South Marion, North Lake and Sumter counties with reliable, professional counseling services for individuals, couples, and adolescents.

This is a solo mental health counseling practice with 15 years experience. Licensed and credentialed therapists who provide caring and effective therapy over phone, webcam, instant messaging, or email.

e-counseling services are available to College of Alameda students The e-counselor retains the right to determine whether your concerns, issues and/or questions can be adequately addressed online; the e-counselor may refer you as needed. Merritt College counselors provide academic, career, and personal counseling services to help students identify educational, career and personal goals and develop plans to achieve those goals.

Below are some parenting tips from a twenty-two-year school counseling expert. 1.

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Whether your child is entering a first grade or college, sit down with him, or her, and have a positive discussion on what school is all about. Keep the conversation light and strive to get your child talking. Stress that school is . What is Entrance Counseling? If you have not previously received a Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), the Federal Government requires you to complete entrance counseling to ensure that you understand the responsibilities and obligations you are assuming.

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