Criminal profiling research paper

Criminal profiling is a tool used within investigative psychology. As we any tool, there are liabilities and limitations of the use of criminal profiling. In order to understand the benefits, validity, and liabilities of criminal profiling, it is highly important to understand the definition. Criminal profiling may not be the best approach to some situations as some have questioned the reliability of such application.

Criminal profiling research paper

Pay only for approved parts Criminal Justice Research Paper Posted on May 14, by EssayShark Introduction Criminal profiling happens to be an investigative tool that is used mostly by the security forces.

This is aimed at helping them predict and identify characteristics of criminals who are not yet known. This idea has many names as it can also be referred to as criminal personality profiling and criminological profiling Kocsis, Despite all these descriptions, it serves only one aspect of allowing investigators to compile and come up with the right description of the criminal involved.

The criminal investigative analysis can also employ some geographical profiling to determine the location of the offender. The criminal profiling procedure is applied by detectives for the purpose of fulfilling certain needs in the investigative report Kocsis and Heller, For instance, the main point is to enable law enforcement officers to gain a high knowledge of the criminal.

This is done on the basis of social and psychological aspects of the offender in order to understand the circumstances of the offence being committed Kwok.

This is followed by the second aim of providing the investigative bodies with a perfect psychological evaluation of the criminal. This is aided by the evaluation and scrutiny of the belongings of the criminal.

After these two processes, there is a third goal whose aim is to highlight suggestions as well as strategies for use during the interviews. As a matter of fact, in the modern world, criminal profiling happens to be a very critical step in investigative science hence being the third phase of the whole process.

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The second phase followed later and this involved studying of the crime committed by the offender. This include issues such as frequency studies as well as other aspects of connecting the criminal with the events they participated in.

The criminal profiling job is done by people referred to as criminal profilers, and they work closely with the detectives in the investigation.

Their work is to help the detectives to come up with leads on high profile criminal suspects Wroblewski, Wiggins and Ryan, With their knowledge, they identify various factors which explain almost everything about specific criminals. In this case, profilers engage in analyzing the information and materials collected from the scenes of crime.

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The process of criminal profiling is also made effective by the information obtained from the ballistic experts. This applies on cases where there were incidences of shooting and some ballistic evidence is obtained Bennell, Taylor and Snook, A criminal profile can be created from any blood stains and is done by blood stain analysts who undertake extensive research on the component.

For instance, the Deoxyribonucleic acid of the criminal is able to be identified if their blood was left at the crime scene.

As a whole, these groups can be referred to as forensic experts who look at all the aspects revolving around the crime.

Criminal profiling research paper

This is done for the purposes of coming up with clear descriptions of the criminal. Criminal profiling thus deals with compiling and developing a perfect psychological profile of the criminal.

The highest stronghold of getting this important information is the crime scene where every data is able to be collected. With this phase being associated with studying the psyche of a criminal, then it has to be done by experts. These are thus experienced forensic experts who have a high experience on criminal minds.

The criminal profile being emphasized in this case provides a sketch of the psychological status of the criminal. Based on the information collected from the crime scene, a profiler can gain a lot of knowledge about the mental status of the offender.

This aspect is thus very useful in homicide cases as the reason for undertaking such an act is well identified effectively Bennell, Taylor and Snook, As a matter of fact, if not applied, then many offenders can go scot free even after causing atrocities to the victims.

Criminal profiling is thus an important aspect that works well with rapists, arsonists and homicide murderers. To be precise, criminal profiling majors on the crime scene because the organization or disorganization of the criminal is identified Kocsis, Criminal profiling is a general term that describes any process of inferring distinctive personality characteristics of individuals responsible for committing criminal .

Excerpt from Research Paper: Criminal Profiling as an Aid for Apprehending Serial Killers Popular media loves to emphasize the role of the criminal profiler in apprehending serial has been a central them in books, television shows, and movies for the past two decades, and the concept of the feisty criminal profiler interviewing wily and brilliant convicted serial killers in an.

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Criminal profiling thus deals with compiling and developing a perfect psychological profile of the criminal. The highest stronghold of getting this important information is .

Shawnta Prather CJE Research Paper October1, Racial Profiling and the Effects it has on Blacks in the Criminal Justice System. Some people wonder what is racial profiling. Racial profiling deals with miss- education, slavery, and incarceration.

Since the beginning of slavery African. Criminal profiling thus deals with compiling and developing a perfect psychological profile of the criminal. The highest stronghold of getting this important information is the crime scene where every data is able to be collected.

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