An analysis of the romantic relationships in the book madame bovary

A country girl educated in a convent and married to Charles Bovary at a young age, she harbors idealistic romantic illusions, covets sophistication, sensuality, and passion, and lapses into fits of extreme boredom and depression when her life fails to match the sentimental novels she treasures. She has a daughter, Berthe, but lacks maternal instincts and is often annoyed with the child.

An analysis of the romantic relationships in the book madame bovary

She was born with a natural tendency toward sentimentality. She preferred the dream world to the real world.

An analysis of the romantic relationships in the book madame bovary

Rather than being brought up in the realities of everyday living, she was sent when very young to a convent where she indulged in daydreams and in sentimentalizing about life. Here at the convent, she began reading romance novels which affected her entire life.

In religion, she searched for the unusual, the mystic, and the beautiful rather than for the real essence of the church. Being basically a dreamy girl, she developed into the extreme romantic who spent her time longing and sighing for old castles, secret meetings, and intrigues.

She closed her eyes to the real world and attempted to force life to conform with her romantic fiction. She constantly felt the need for excitement and could not endure the dull routine of everyday living.

After her marriage, Emma continued in her search for excitement. She could not tolerate her marriage because it did not fit into the fictionalized accounts that she had read about. She missed the bliss, ecstasy, and passion that she hoped she would find in marriage.

And rather than devoting herself to living life, rather than facing reality, she hid herself in her dreams and expended all of her energy in futile longings. She was continually dissatisfied with her life and searched constantly for ways to change things.

Thus, since life refused to conform to her romantic picture, Emma began to alternate between various things in the hope that her unfulfilled longings would be satisfied. She redecorated the house, she took up reading, subscribed to Parisian magazines, helped at charities, knitted, painted, played the piano, and engaged in a multitude of other activities.

But with each thing she attempted, she soon became bored and rejected one activity for another. This frenzied search for excitement exhausted her until she made herself physically sick.

Thus when she met Leon, she felt that she had found her soul mate. She was unable to see that her thoughts and his were both part of the same romantic concept expressed in platitudes and cliches. She mistook superficiality in Leon for profundity.

They became platonic friends. After he left, Emma felt that she had missed something, that something had been denied her. Therefore, later when she meets Rodolphe, she is ready to give herself to him readily.From to Literature in the second half of the 19th century continued a natural expansion of trends already established in the first half.

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An analysis of the romantic relationships in the book madame bovary

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Learn more about the elements, development, and . James Boyle The Public Domain Enclosing the Commons of the Mind. Copyright © by James Boyle. The author has made this online version available under a Creative.

Analysis of the Boat Scene in Gustave Flaubert's Madame Bovary Words | 8 Pages. In an ideal world, like the one Emma Bovary yearns for in the book Madame Bovary, romantic relationships are based on the principle that the two participants are madly in love with each other.

But in the world Gustave Flaubert paints in his book, as in the.

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