American beauty sociology essay

The social psychological elements that are prevalent in the film are conformity, interpersonal attraction, attitude, self-concept, and relation with others. The main theme of the film American beauty is conformity and beauty. The film aims to show its audience the importance of living meaningful life. The film shows that people aspire for conformity in order to avoid rejection, even the gay in the film are trying to fit in.

American beauty sociology essay

The characters strive to portray themselves as the American beauty sociology essay American Family. As the plot unfolds and we begin to understand the values and emotions of the characters, they can each be categorized into one of the five modes of adaptation discussed in this theory.

His strain theory is based on this definition and it describes five Modes of Adaptation that people fulfill in relation to their goals. With these ideas it is easy to conclude that the idea of the American Dream, the belief that hard work leads to success, is in many cases, false.

When anomie occurs, people within society respond in many unique ways. Merton characterized the responses of the population into five Modes of Adaptation. The first is conformity. Conformists are the group of people who are accepting of the goals of achievement and the legitimate means of hard work even though they are not gaining from the completion of their goals.

The second mode, innovation, differs from conformity. Innovators pursue societal goals but when they lack the means to legitimately complete their goals, they devise their own means which are not always culturally acceptable.

Ritualism can be accurately depicted by the idea of just going through the motions and completing tasks without any effort or thought. Ritualists work within legitimate means but they are not goal oriented meaning that they care little about the tasks in front of them.

Retreatists are described by their title. They do not accept goals or legitimate means, they retreat or seclude themselves from society. People within this category rebel against goals and means and rather than conforming to the rest of society, they strive to change it to better suit their needs.

The Burnham family attempts to portray the image of the American Dream. Carolyn and Lester are successful with their jobs, they live in a normal suburban neighborhood in a beautiful house and they have a seemingly normal teenage daughter Jane. Although these three characters try to conceal their issues, with a slightly closer look it becomes apparent that the Burnham family is severely dysfunctional.

Through the actions of the characters and the events that take place throughout the movie the audience gets a sense of the characters goals and their means of accomplishing these goals.

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Through this we are able to learn which Mode of Adaptation each character fits into. During the course of the film, Lester Burnham goes through a large change. When we first meet Lester he is living his life as a ritualist.

He goes to work every day because that is what he is supposed to do, but he puts in little to no effort and he has little regard for the completion of his goals. He has no motivation. His marriage is failing and he has an empty relationship with his daughter.Analysing “American Beauty” - Assignment Example On In Assignment Sample This review is about American Beauty – a typical “teen flick” and “Black Comedy”, which constitutes many around sex, lust and desire and also problems in family life, starring Kevin Spacey and Annette Benning.

The title refers to three different symbols of American culture: American Beauty roses (a popular variety), Angela as a representative of youthful, innocent, "American" loveliness, and the American aesthetic of beauty, as represented by Ricky's films.

American beauty sociology essay

A Sociological Movie Review American Beauty, a film that was written by Allan Ball and directed by Sam Mendes in is a unique piece that demonstrates many sociological themes throughout the development of the plot.

American Beauty, a film that was written by Allan Ball and directed by Sam Mendes in is a unique piece that demonstrates many sociological themes throughout the development of the plot. The characters strive to portray themselves as the All American Family/5(1). Some would consider the Burnham house the ‘American Dream” with Lester having a teenage daughter Jane and a beautiful wife Carolyn.

American beauty sociology essay

We will write a custom essay sample on American Beauty. Psychology in American Beauty Essay; Words 5 Pages. Psychology in American Beauty Have you ever seen a movie that just simply amazed you and almost disgusted you in a way.

Well over this weekend my family and I decided to rent the movie American Beauty. This movie recently has won many awards for performances in acting and best role play.

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