Adaptation of unang yakap

Xu was referring to Secured Transactions bill which is now moving towards the second reading in both Senate and Congress. PhilHealth in Palawan is set to penalize erring business establishments for delinquency in the mandatory enrollment of their workers, and under remitting and non-payment of contributions. We found out there were many, and there were also inactive accounts, or those that really closed.

Adaptation of unang yakap

Reduce by two thirds, between andthe child mortality rate: Series of time bound chronologically ordered, standard procedures that a baby receives from birthSimple, to-the-point, user-friendly, globally accepted evidence-based protocol to essential newborn care focusing on the 1st week of lifeDoable even by a single health worker caring for both mother and newbornPhil.

Prepare for the delivery Action: Ensure that delivery area is draft-free and room temperature between oC. Wash hands with clean water and soap. Double glove just before delivery.

Preparing to Meet the Babys NeedsGood care of the newborn begins with good preparationEnsure all delivery equipment and supplies, including newborn resuscitation equipment, are available.

Line up materials for delivery according to sequence of usePrepare for Delivery2 sets of sterile glovesTwo clean and warm towels or clothSelf inflating bag and mask normal and small newborn Suction device Sterile cord clamp or tiesSterile forceps and scissorsRolled up piece of clothBonnet Clean dry warm surface Phil.

Resuscitation equipment should always be close to the delivery areaHealth workers must know how to use the equipment. Dry the newborn thoroughly.

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Check the babys breathing while drying. Place the newborn on the mothers abdomen in skin-to-skin contact. Cover the back with a dry blanket. Dry and provide warmth.

Use a clean, dry cloth to thoroughly dry the baby by wiping the face, eyes, head, front and back of the trunk, arms and legs. Do a quick check of newborns breathing while drying.

Remove the wet cloth.

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If after 30 secs of drying, newborn is breathing or cryingIntervention: Skin -to-skin STS contactAction: Avoid any manipulation, such as routine suctioning. Place the newborn prone on the mothers abdomen or chest skin-to-skin. Cover newborns back with a blanket and head with a bonnet.

Place identification band on ankleImmediate skin-to-skin contactImmediate skin-to-skin contactWhat are the benefits of immediate skin-to-skin contact? Increases overall duration of exclusive breastfeedingC.

Allows colonization with good bacteriaD. All of the aboveSkin-to-Skin ContactProvides warmthImproves bondingProvides protection from infection by exposure of the baby to good bacteria of the mother Increases the blood sugar of the babyContributes to the overall success of breastfeedingSkin-to-Skin ContactEffect on ImmunoprotectionColonization with maternal skin flora Stimulation of the mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue system.

Ingestion of colostrumRisks of HypothermiaHypothermia can lead to: InfectionCoagulation defectsAcidosisDelayed fetal to newborn circulatory adjustmentHyaline membrane disease Brain hemorrhage.

When should the cord be clamped after birth? When the cord pulsations stopB.

Adaptation of unang yakap

Between 1 and 3 minutesC. Between 30 secs - 1 minute in pretermsD. All of the above are appropriateWhen should the cord be clamped after birth?

All of the above are appropriateTime band: If after 30 secs of drying, newborn is NOT breathing or is gasping Intervention:Copy of Department of Health - Unang Yakap (Essential Newborn Care_ Protocol for New Life) - EINC - A Step-By-Step Guide Philippine Government Policies in Reducing Maternal Mortality5/5(14).

Unang Yakap Unang Yakap. The Unang Yakap 4&5, or "The First Embrace", is the campaign of the Philippines Department of Health (DOH), in cooperation with WHO, to adopt and embrace the safe and quality care of Essential Intrapartum and Newborn Care (EINC) for birthing mothers and their newborns. Unang Yakap (Essential Newborn Care: Protocol for New Life) Unang Yakap: Essential Newborn Care (ENC) Many initiatives, globally and locally, help save lives of pregnant women and children.

Scribd es red social de lectura y publicación más importante del mundo. Under the umbrella of the Unang Yakap Campaign, Essential Newborn Care is an evidenced based strategic intervention aimed at improving newborn care and helping cub neonatal mortality.

The Essential Newborn Care package is a four-step newborn care time-bound intervention undertaken to lessen newborn death. 97 Sheet1 Climate change Health Impact of Climate Change Among Batangueos Catapang, April D. LPU-Batangas Cuenca, Charrizze A.

Adaptation of unang yakap

Custodio, Edna Marie R. Dagli, Lyka Jobelle D. Climate change Implementation of Climate Change Adaptation Health Program De Castro, Emmanuel A. LPU-Batangas in Batangas De Castro, Joanna Eleonor Climate Change.

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