A strange person free essay help

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A strange person free essay help

It tells the story of a young Algerian man, Meursault, whose perception of life, behavioral norms, values, and himself, differ drastically from those shared by common people. The name of the novel comes from the characteristics of Meursault as a person detached and extraneous from the social and cultural context in which he lives.

Despite the fact that he is an immoral person and can be considered an antagonist not only to society, but also to himself, he can be compassionate. The novel begins as Meursault receives a telegram about the death of his mother.

Three years ago, Meursault placed her into hospice care, and since that time, he showed no interest in her condition. At the funeral, he also does not seem to express any grief or other feelings. Instead, he comments on the terribly hot weather and the behavior of other attendees at the ceremony.

The next day, after returning from the funeral, Meursault meets his former colleague, Marie. They spend time together, make love at night and start a relationship. He helps his acquaintance—a man who works in the stock market and is also known as a pimp—Raymond Sintes get revenge on his girlfriend, who cheated on him.

They lure the girl on a date, where the pimp beats her. When the police interfere, Meursault agrees to testify in favor of Sintes. The following Sunday, Meursault, Marie, and Sintes spend time on a seaside.

They start fighting and Sintes gets wounded with a knife. Frightened, the Arabs run away. Meursault, during this scene, acts as an observer. Later, when he walks along the beach alone, he meets the two Arabs again. They start to threaten him with a knife, but he is now armed with a revolver he took from Raymond.

Disoriented with the summer heat, he shoots and kills one of the Arabs, then after a brief pause, he fires four more bullets at the corpse. At the court trial of his case, Meursault also stays passive and indifferent, as if he is viewing a theatrical play about himself.

His insensibility is perceived as a sign of someone who planned to murder. Due to this, he is found guilty and sentenced to death.


It is difficult to understand whether his guilt lies in the emotional detachment or in committing the murder. The policemen, too, handled me gently.

The lawyer placed his hand on my wrist. I had stopped thinking altogether.Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde is a gothic novella by Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson, first published in The work is also known as The Strange Case of Dr.

Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, or simply Jekyll & Hyde. It is about a London lawyer named Gabriel John Utterson who investigates strange occurrences between his old friend, Dr Henry Jekyll, and the evil.

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Writing a Killer Book Essay: Tips That’ll Help You Rock What is the reason of failing to write a good book or an essay? It can be a lack of. Strange Person Essay about someone strange you met or saw The second we had walked into the Palladium Ballroom, we were overwhelmed by the loud music, masses of people, and the sight of talented dancers preforming.

A Strange Person Final Essay English 8B. David Garbo. 9/23/ Every place in the world has at least 1 very strange person. In the following I will explain to you a strange person that has been around in my neighborhood for a long time, someone that I pretty much grew up with.

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a strange person free essay help

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